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Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation

Sometimes, it may be necessary for couples to use both egg and sperm cell from a donor. This is called embryo donation. For this procedure, embryos are prepared in accordance with the couple’s desires and physical characteristics – blood groups, then the candidate mother is prepared in approximately 18-19 days with oral pills and sometimes tapes attached to the body and vaginal drugs and transfer takes place. Before preparation, routine controls are run such as; uterine film, ultrasonography and blood tests to ensure the organism and uterus of the woman are suitable for pregnancy.

Embryo donation is a promising method for couples who cannot have biological children for various reasons. This procedure involves the use of embryos created through donor egg and sperm cells. At Vita Altera IVF, we offer this special service to help couples build the family of their dreams.

Before starting the procedure, we thoroughly examine the desires and physical characteristics of the couples. Based on this information, we select the most suitable embryos that match the couple’s blood types and overall health profiles. Then, we proceed to a series of preparatory stages to make the uterine wall ready for embryo transfer. This preparation process is supported with orally taken medications, patches applied to the skin, and vaginally administered drugs. After approximately 18-19 days of this process, the prospective mother is fully prepared for the embryo transfer.

Before starting the embryo donation process, a series of preliminary examinations are conducted to assess the suitability of the prospective mother for pregnancy. These examinations include hysterosalpingography, ultrasonography, and blood tests. Through these tests, it is meticulously checked whether the prospective mother’s uterus and body are ready to accept an embryo.

At Vita Altera IVF, we have an expert team that guides couples through the embryo donation process. Thus, couples are informed and supported at every step of the process. Embryo donation can be an emotionally and physically challenging process for couples. Therefore, being there for them throughout the process and providing them with the best support possible is important to us.

We are here to assist you on your journey to build the family of your dreams. At Vita Altera IVF, we look forward to being by your side during your embryo donation process and offering you the highest success rates. It is an honor for us to provide all the support needed to help you achieve your dream family.