Sperm Donation


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Sperm Donation

Sperm Donation

If the male does not have sperm cells that can fertilize the egg cell, or if no sperm is seen in the semen and such sperm cells cannot be obtained after microTESE surgery, sperm donation may be an option. Also, for females who do not have a partner might consider sperm donation.

The patient herself can make the donor selection by reviewing the alternative donor profiles.

In our clinic, certified sperm samples obtained from accredited sperm banks in Europe and America in accordance with international norms are used. In accordance with the laws of Northern Cyprus, only certain information can be shared when information is requested from you. This information includes basics such as; height, weight, educational status, skin color, eye, hair color, as well as social characteristics. In accordance with the legislation, there is no problem in sharing such information other than identity information. Donor sperms obtained from the sperm bank are selected anonymously. Sperm donationSperm donation is not accepted from the citizens of Northern Cyprus nationality. Sperms which are obtained with certificates and comply with international standards, are used in our clinic after undergoing important examinations such as physical evaluation, infectious disease screening, genetic screening and family disease history.