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Best IVF Center in Northern Cyprus

Vita Altera In Vitro Fertilization Center is an in vitro fertilization center located in Northern Cyprus that always pleases its patients with high success rates in in vitro fertilization treatment and has the vision of carrying this success even further thanks to its expert doctors and staff.


Egg donation has become a vital solution for many couples and individuals facing fertility challenges. The process involves

Devamını Oku

In some cases, the cause of the infertility problem may be congenital genetic problems in male, female or both

Devamını Oku

In this technique, which is performed outside the woman's body, embryos are created in a laboratory environment

Devamını Oku
In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Let's determine the appropriate treatment method for you together!

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Why Vita Altera IVF

Vita Altera IVF Center, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an IVF clinic which has always made its patients very happy with its high success rates in in-vitro fertilization (IVF)

Egg Freezing – Oocyte Cryopreservation

Thanks to the technological investments made by Vita Altera and our highly trained team,

Tandem Cycle

Tandem IVF, which gives women the opportunity to use their own eggs as well

High Success Rate
Personnel Competence
Vita Altera provides services in accordance with the laws and ethical rules regarding in vitro fertilization in Cyprus. We are the most successful IVF Center in Cyprus, setting success and patient satisfaction as our primary goal and achieving a high pregnancy rate as a result.

Accommodation and Transportation

As Vita Altera IVF Center, your convenience and comfort is always our priority. Therefore, we offer you special transportation and accommodation services 24/7. Our center, which you can easily reach from all over the world, is accessible by many international airlines. You can find our exclusive 3 and 5 star hotel options, suitable for your budget and expectations, in our transportation package.

  • 3 and 5 Star Hotels
  • Vip Transfer
  • 24/7 Transportation
  • 24/7 Support
  • Convenient Accommodation
  • 100% Satisfaction

We determine the appropriate treatment method for you with our expert staff. Contact us


The Best IVF Center with Our Experienced Doctors


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