Let's take the first step together

As we are tought by the Vita Altera Babies, 
it is always hard to take the first step.
We are your companion on this journey.


From a big dream to a small reality!

With the expert crew of Vita Altera
we help couples to experience
the biggest transformation 


Couples becoming parents...

At Our Center, we are
introducing our loving couples
with a new, life-time responsibility.


The journey of your life, starts here

Being a good parent begins with the pregnancy. With the pride of our high success rates we are here to share your happiness in this journey which requires a lot of sacrifice, with our friendly, sincere, expert team in our facilities equipped with the latest technologies in Nicosia.

Chip Security System in Cyprus!

Accurate matching of the sperm and egg samples with the wireless chips and the verification of the data in all treatment stages (Sperm test, Egg collection, Egg tracking, Egg and sperm process (ICSI), Embryo Transfer process, Embryo and Sperm freezing processes) - is an electronic security system that keeps its match under control.

In Vita Altera, all the steps taken in both the laboratory and the operating room undergo a wireless verification process.

End to confusion! First in Cyprus!
Chip Security System First in Vita Altera!

First in Cyprus!

With our new device Vitrolife Embryoscope +, we can monitor the development of your embryos 24/7 and keep their records on a regular basis. The fact that your embryos can be continuously controlled without being taken out provides a significant benefit in the selection and growth of quality embryos. Your detailed information about your embryos is processed and the results of your treatment are interpreted in the healthiest way.

As Vita Altera, we have followed technology. We continue to stand behind our words with our investments!

Vitrolife Embryoscope+
First in Vita Altera!

Our Success Rates

The Vita Altera IVF Center has always made the patients delighted with its high success rates in the treatment of IVF in Northern Cyprus. Our high success rates comes with the help of the specialist doctors and staff that has the vision to move forward.

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Meet With Our Team!

The aim of Vita Altera is to inform and treat patients in a transparent manner with patient-centered, effective, safe, innovative and productive therapies. The happiness of our patients is increasing every day thanks to the fact that this mission is centered on our life, our team is getting the best trainings in the field and renewing themselves constantly.