About Us

Vita Altera provides services in accordance with all the laws and ethical rules concerning in vitro fertilization and other fertility treatments in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Our clinic which sets treatment success and patient satisfaction as its priority goal and thus reaches high pregnancy rates is rightly proud for this success and taking fast steps to becoming one of the leading IVF and fertility clinics in Europe.

We provide you the most successful service in reproductive medicine in our clinic in Lefkoşa (Nicosia) in Northern Cyprus with our team of experts and safe and reliable technology (Embryoscope+ equipment and Chip ID Security System which is the FIRST and ONLY in Northern Cyprus). Our clinic determines your treatment methods based on your diagnosis without compromising quality in line with ethical values and provides you a comfortable treatment process with our professional team who have vast experience in reproductive medicine in the country and abroad. We help couples who want to have a baby with our reliable services at Vital Altera IVF Clinic.



The embryology laboratory of our IVF Clinic in Northern Cyprus is equipped with the most advanced technology that comply with the European standards. The results achieved in our laboratory with the work of our highly experienced embryologists make us proud. Our clinic has the biggest donor portfolio in the Northern Cyprus and there is no waiting list!

We always listen to, understand you since understanding your wishes is our priority and we work based on these findings.