Tandem Cycle


Tandem IVF, which gives women the opportunity to use their own eggs as well as healthy eggs donated for pregnancy, is an important technique especially for women with reduced egg number and quality or for women of advanced age. In tandem treatment, the mother candidate and the donor are prepared at the same time and both eggs (mother candidate and surrogate) are fertilized with the sperm of the couple's male partner. Finally, the better developed embryos of the two are transferred to the mother.


Many expectant mothers can be sensitive and indecisive at the stage of consenting to this procedure. With an advanced tandem IVF cycle that guarantees to reach healthy embryos by the use of donor eggs is recommended as an effective method, when the patient's eggs fail. Tandem IVF cycle, which is applied in very few clinics in the world, guarantees a high success rate thanks to the opportunity it offers in selecting embryos by our expert staff and complete infrastructure in our clinic.